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Paul Stanford

Paul Stanford
Campaign for the Restoration and Regulation of Hemp

Paul Stanford has been a cannabis activist for over 40 years, when he went to the White House Smoke-in a week after his 18th birthday, in 1978. Stanford was Washington State NORML director 1982-84. He moved to Oregon in 1984, and helped the Oregon Marijuana Initiative qualify for the vote in 1985, to become Ballot Measure 5 in 1986, which was defeated. This was the earliest Oregon initiative petition to ever qualify for a vote, over a year before the election, and it was the second time in United States history that a state voted to legalize marijuana. Stanford worked with Jack Herer on the first and subsequent editions of his seminal hemp manifesto, The Emperor Wears No Clothes. After studying in China, Stanford began importing hemp paper and fabric from China 1988-97. In 1996, Stanford began producing and hosting a weekly cable TV show in Portland called Cannabis Common Sense. Stanford founded THCF, The Hemp & Cannabis Foundation, in 1999 and began working with doctors to help medical marijuana patients obtain their state authorizations. THCF Medical Clinics has helped over 270,000 people become legal, licensed medical marijuana patients, first in Oregon, then opening offices in Washington State, Hawaii, Colorado, Montana, Michigan and Arizona. Stanford used the profits from his medical clinics to fund another state vote to legalize marijuana, qualifying Ballot Measure 80 for Oregon's 2012 election. Stanford is a speaker at many international cannabis events in Spain, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Japan, Mexico and Colombia, and in America too, such as the Seattle Hempfest, the New York City Cannabis Parade and the oldest cannabis event in the USA, the Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Fest in Madison, Wisconsin, where he gave his first speech in 1988. Stanford was attacked by an Israeli/Canadian corporation, Adira Energy, partially owned by George Soros, and is currently fighting a hostile corporate takeover in court to regain control of his medical clinic business. Stanford is still producing weekly episodes of his TV show, Cannabis Common Sense, and holding clinics to help patients qualify in Oregon with several doctors who quit working for the corporate raiders. For more information, call 503-235-4606.